Self-Binding Advance Directives

February 20, 2017

In this episode we are joined by Dr Tania Gergel. Tania is a Wellcome Trust Senior Postdoctoral Research Fellow with a background in medical ethics and ancient philosophy working with the Mental Health and Justice Group at King's College London. This group are developing a model of self-binding advance directives for people who have Bipolar Affective Disorder. In this epsiode we discuss ethical, philsophical and clinical issues that arise when we think about how fluctations in mental state might effect our capacity and how we can 'self-bind' our future selves. 


Popcast Episode 1 Dr Norman Poole Finding Meaning In Neuropsychiatric Symptoms

May 31, 2016
When people have a brain problem that can be seen on a brain scan and then experience psychological or psychiatric symptoms is it possible to find personal meaning and significance in the form these symptoms take? Or are the symptoms in the mind directly caused by a problem in the corresponding part of the brain?

In this episode we meet with Dr Norman Poole a Consultant Neuropsychiatrist to talk about meaning in neuropsychiatry, whether it was love or TB that finally made Kafka happy and have an encounter with a philosophy loving cat.

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January 5, 2016

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